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In the press centre of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), Poligon  information agency’s editor Elmin Bedelov held a press conference regarding his dismissal from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy for his critical articles.

E.Bedelov said in his speech that he was subjected to threats by the dean of “Oil Mechanics” faculty Gasim Memmedov after he published an article (“Reportage from Azerbaijan State Oil Aacademy”) on website regarding bribe cases and financial frauds in Azerbaijan State Oil Academy on 12 November 2009.

“He said that I wrote the article at someone’s order and began to threaten me,” said Elmin Bedelov. “Then they began to discriminate against me by failing me in examinations because they did not want me to pass.” E.Bedelov stated that he is ready to pass examinations under supervision of any commission consisting of any members. He added that it was impossible to receive the official order concerning his dismissal from the university and he will appeal to court after he gets the official order.

“Dalga” Youth Movement member Ramin Hajili said that the Defense Committee for Elmin Bedelov was created, and this committee will operate until Elmin Bedelov is restored to Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.
Students’ International Cooperation Public Union Chairman Elnur Memmedov said that IRFS also appealed to SICPU regarding this issue. He added that investigations revealed that E.Bedelov’s dismissal from the university is unfounded.

Poligon Information Agency Head Shahin Agabeyli said that the student/journalist is not a political figure and evaluated his dismissal as prejudice against him.

Today IRFS received a response to the information inquiry addressed to ASOA Rector and the copy of the official order regarding E.Bedelov’s dismissal from the ASOA was presented to IRFS. In addition, IRFS appealed to the Ministry of Education and ASOA to hold examinations for E.Bedelov with the participation of a special commission.

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