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On 12 February, amendments and changes to the law “On Mass Media,” “On Freedom of Information,” “On operational-investigation activities,” “On intelligence and counter-intelligence activity,” and “On Obtaining information” were adopted in the plenary meeting of the Milli Majlis (Parliament).

Parliament Law Policy and State Committee Chairman Ali Huseynov said that the changes proposed to the law have been politicized by different people.
According to Ali Huseynov, these changes emerged from the Constitution: 
“Excluding operational-investigation cases, following someone, and subjecting them to video, photo or voice recording by media representatives and other persons without them knowing it or with them objecting to it is punishable as defined by law.”

There is no innovation in this issue. These are amendments and changes that come from the Constitution, emphasized Huseynov.
MP Igbal Agazade said that the amendments and changes to the laws serve to strangle freedom of press. "Following this, journalists will not have right to record my voice when I speak in Milli Majlis," said Agazade.
MP Panah Huseyn said that he will appeal to court regarding this law: "This change is aimed at restricting the freedom of press".
The amendments and changes to the laws were adopted after the discussions with seven people voting against them. There are 124 MPs in Azerbaijan parliament. 

source: Institute for Reporter's Freedom and Safety

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