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[29.10.2014] URGENT APPEAL
Please assist us in distributing these following letter and attachments above, which have been sent to an extensive list of governmental representatives in Azerbaijan and Europe, on the occasion of the very questionable legal proceedings initiated against Journalist Ilgar Nasibov of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan:
Human Rights House Tbilisi and its member organizations express alarm regarding detention and expected extradition of Dashgin Agararl, citizen of Azerbaijan, member of opposition political party, Musavat. 
On August 12, at 12:00 the Human Rights House Tbilisi (HRHT) and its member organizations will hold a joint press conference regarding the mass arrests of human rights defenders in Azerbaijan at the conference hall of the HRHT. 
Member and partner organizations of the Human Rights House Tbilisi and South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders implemented project “Strengthening NGO participation in the execution process of the ECtHR judgments in South Caucasus” 
The fifth annual meeting of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum held under the title Together for a European Future brought together more than 250 representatives of the civil society organizations from the Eastern Partnership countries and the EU, as well as senior government officials, diplomatic and donor community.
On February 16-19, dialogue and introductory meetings took place in Erevan in the frame of project For the Transformation of Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian-Ossetian Conflicts. Georgian, Ossetian, Abkhaz and Armenian (one from Karabakh) young people met in the hotel Universitetskaia in Erevan.
TBILISI, Georgia — Ever since ouster of Egyptian strongman President Hosni Mubarak two years ago, Adel has faced a difficult dilemma: Leave behind a relatively cushy life in Egypt or stay and risk discrimination and violence as religious and sectarian tensions rise.
The report covers cases of pressure against human rights defenders in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia between January 2011 and November 2012. The documentation provided by local human rights organizations in the three countries shows that the work of human rights defenders is not only hindered through direct attacks, threats or charges against individuals, but also through smear campaigns targeting both human rights defenders and organizations that cover sensitive issues. 

According to Reporters Without Borders Georgia ranks 100th among 179 countries in the press freedom index.  Compared to last year Georgia moved up by 4 positions. 
18 July, 2011 - Paris, Geneva, Oslo, The Hague, London - We, international human rights organizations, call on the Government of Georgia to guarantee the right to a fair and public trial for the detained photographers and to carry out an impartial and transparent investigation in accordance with international human rights standards. See in PDF
Президент Азербайджана Ильхам Алиев помиловал 90 человек, в том числе журналиста Эйнуллу Фатуллаева, сообщает "Интерфакс". Свое решение Алиев принял на основании принципов гуманизма, обращениях к нему, он также учитывал здоровье осужденных, их семейное положение и поведение в период заключения. 
Investigate Operation to Disperse Crowd

May 26, 2011

(New York) - Riot police in Georgian capital Tbilisi beat demonstrators while trying to disperse a peaceful anti-government protest, Human Rights Watch said today. The government should launch an immediate, thorough, and impartial investigation into excessive and disproportionate use of force, Human Rights Watch said.
По предварительным данным, более 50 оппозиционеров задержаны в ходе несанкционированной акции в столице Азербайджана. Митинг оппозиции перерос в столкновения с органами правопорядка.
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