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Georgia ranks 100th in 2013 press freedom index

According to Reporters Without Borders Georgia ranks 100th among 179 countries in the press freedom index.  Compared to last year Georgia moved up by 4 positions. 

Organization Reporters Without Borders published the report – World Press Freedom Index 2013:  Dashed Hopes after Spring – in January 2013 According to the report Georgian media is distinguished by pluralism and by this component it is similar to Moldova (55), Armenia (74) and Kirgizstan (106). 

“Despite their wide dispersal in this edition of the index, Moldova (55th, -2), Armenia (74th, +3), Georgia (100th, +4) and Kyrgyzstan (106th, +2) have a number of things in common. These countries enjoy broad media pluralism and a low level of state censorship, but they still face important challenges concerning media independence and the working environment of journalists. The latter are often in the firing line in highly polarized societies and treated as easy prey by a variety of pressure groups," the report reads. 

According to the same document "after the “Arab springs” and other protest movements that prompted many rises and falls in last year’s index, the 2013 Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index marks a return to a more usual configuration. The ranking of most countries is no longer attributable to dramatic political developments. This year’s index is a better reflection of the attitudes and intentions of governments towards media freedom in the medium or long term.” 

According to the document the top three countries by freedom of media are – Finland (1), Holland (2) and Norway (3).  The least free countries are – Turkmenistan (177), North Korea (178) and Eritrea (179). 

In the index Russia ranked 148th.  Compared to last year Russia fell down by 6 positions just like Turkey which is now on the 154th position. Azerbaijan went up by 6 positions and ranks 156th now. 

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