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Human Rights House Addresses Georgian Government regarding Persecution of Opposition Party Representative from Azerbaijan

Human Rights House Tbilisi and its member organizations express alarm regarding detention and expected extradition of Dashgin Agararl, citizen of Azerbaijan, member of opposition political party, Musavat. 

Member of Human Rights House Tbilisi, Human Rights Center defends legal interests of Dashgin Agararl. His case materials show signs of political persecution by government of Azerbaijan. In the address to Georgian government, representatives of public organizations and political parties of Azerbaijan raise alarm about dangers if he is transferred to Azerbaijan. 

Dashgin Aghararl is a member of opposition party, Musavat. He often participates in the protest actions and manifestations held in Azerbaijan, has been criticizing government of Azerbaijan by means of media and expressing protest regarding human rights violations in Azerbaijan. Due to his activism, he has been persecuted by government of Azerbaijan and was forced to leave the country. 

Case materials raise reasonable suspicion that the charges imposed against Dashgin Agararl regarding tax evasion are politically motivated and are not grounded by any evidence.

It should be noted that leaders of opposition political parties, activists and human rights defenders are in severe state in Azerbaijan. The government is persecuting people with opposing views. The journalists and people who oppose government are serving sentences in jails. According to data of October 10, 2013, there are 142 political prisoners in Azerbaijan who have been arrested or detained due to political reasons . Commissioner of Human Rights of Council of Europe has numerous times noted about the facts of political persecution and restriction of freedom of expression.  International organization Human Rights Watch has noted about the facts of persecution of political opponents in its annual reports . Human Rights House of Azerbaijan has published numerous statements regarding the facts of political persecution and imprisonment in Azerbaijan. Several days ago, famous human rights defender Rasul Jafarov has been detained and imposed three-month preliminary imprisonment.

Human Rights House Tbilisi and its member organizations consider that Dashgin Agararl must be granted political asylum and status of refugee; he must not be transferred to the state of Azerbaijan considering reasonable fear that he might become victim of political persecution in Azerbaijan. Transferring him to government of Azerbaijan might endanger his life and health as well.

We are calling on the Minister of IDPs, Accommodation and Refugees, Sozar Subar, to consider health state of Dashgin Agararl, to assess the dangers threatening his life and security in Azerbaijan, to analize severe state of human rights in Azerbaijan and to make decision and grant him with the political asylum and status of refugee.

Human Rights House Tbilisi and its member organizations:

Human Rights Center
Article 42 of Constitution
Union Sapari
Media Institute
Georgian Centre for psycho-social and medical rehabilitation support of Torture victims (GCRT),
Human Rights and Conflict Studies - Caucasia

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