The South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders

Please assist us in distributing these following letter and attachments above, which have been sent to an extensive list of governmental representatives in Azerbaijan and Europe, on the occasion of the very questionable legal proceedings initiated against Journalist Ilgar Nasibov of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan:

Dear President, Dear Prosecutor General, Dear Ministers, Your Excellencies, Dear Sirs and Madams,
On behalf of Human Rights Laureates from  eleven countries and five continents I hereby present you with an appeal for the immediate attention to the situation of Mr. Ilgar Nasibov, Journalist of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan.

We ask that Mr. Nasibov be provided with immediate permission to seek medical attention wherever he may choose, for the serious injuries inflicted upon him during the brutal attack he suffered in his office in Nakhchivan City on 21 August 2014. We ask that all charges against him relating to the incident be dropped. We also call for a fully independent investigation to be initiated in order to bring the actual perpetrators of the crime committed against him to justice.

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