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Georgia: Human Rights Center condemns the fact of physical insult of Temur Tskhovrebovi in Tskhinvali Region
On July 24th, in the territory of South Ossetia, Temur Tskhovrebovi, famous Ossetian activist and the editor of the magazine “21e saukune” was attacked by some people. The assaulters physically insulted Tskhovrebov that caused some serious injuries.

The incident took place in Ttskhinvali, at the street of Kharebov. According to the sufferers’ acquaintances, the members of South Ossetian de facto parliament, Kazmir Plievi, Dimitri Vaneevi and Alan Khasievi participated in it.
Supposedly, the reason of the incident was the statement made by Temur Tskhovrebovi  at the Georgian-Ossetian forum held by NGO “IKV Pax Chridti.” According to his statement, Temur Tskhovrebovi was appealing to the conflict participants to open up the administrative borders of South Ossetia. The friend and a colleague of Temur Tskhovrebovi, Besarion Aseevi thinks that the physical assault is connected to this activity. He also states that Kazimir Plievi, the member of de facto parliament of South Ossetia had been calling his colleague for two days and threatening that he would kill him.

Tskhovrebov was called a betrayer by the official of The De Facto Republic of South Ossethia, Boris Chachievi.

Georgian-Ossethian forum was held in the city of Leiden on July 11-16th of 2010. The participants made a declaration addressing both sides participating in Geneva talks. The declaration was appealing to them to fix the humanitarian problems of the population without any political or status related preconditions.

Human Rights Center condemns the violent acts committed against the representatives of civil society and the journalist Temur Tskhovrebovi and calls for carrying out the objective and effective investigation by de facto government authorities.



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