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By the initiative of Helsinki Association, which coordinates the establishment of Human Rights House in Yerevan, On December 13, 2010, member organizations of Human Rights House Network and Armenian members of South Caucasus Network of  Human Rights Defenders  have adopted a statement on releasing the political prisoners, who are being held in Armenian prisons and especially on last attacks on editor in chief  of "Haykakan Zhamanak" daily Nikol Pashinyan. The statement is addressed to the President of RA Serj Sargsyan, General Prosecutor of RA A. Hovsepyan and Deputy Minister of Justice N. Arustamyan.

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the Declaration of the 7th OSCE South Caucasus Media Conference, held from 11 to 12 November in Tbilisi, Georgia. ARTICLE 19 supports the Declaration’s recommendations, and notes its concern regarding a number of problematic freedom of expression trends in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. ARTICLE 19 calls upon the authorities in these countries to redouble their efforts to promote and protect freedom of expression in accordance with their international obligations.see furter
Human Rights NGOs undersigned below express their concern regarding the recent judgment of the Tbilisi City Court sentencing 6 youngsters to 3 years and 4 months imprisonment for hooliganism, the fact of which has not been established by reliable evidence, and despite a number of elevating circumstances present in the case.
Human rights defenders in Georgia are very concerned over the pending amendment to the Law on Police. If passed into the law, the amendment will authorize an ordinary policeman to stop any person at any time in the street and conduct an “examination on the surface of one’s cloths” based solely on the policeman’s “reasonable doubt” that a citizen might have committed a crime. Moreover, the amendment further eliminates the need for obtaining a prior authorization to conduct a comprehensive search upon an individual and lowers a legal threshold triggering the right for such a search. 

[27.09.2010] azerbaijan: STATEMENT
27 September 2010


of members of the South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders  on authorities’ illegal interference with the activities of the civil society organizations in the regions of Azerbaijan

უფლებადამცველთა სამხრეთკავკასიური ქსელის წევრები გმობენ 14 აგვისტოს, თბილისში, ჯორჯ ბუშის ქუჩაზე გამართული მშვიდობიანი აქციის მონაწილეების დაპატიმრების ფაქტს. აქცია ახალგაზრდა პოეტების, ირაკლი კაკაბაძის, შოთა გაგარინისა და ალექს ჩიგვილაძის მიერ იყო ორგანიზებული. მონაწილეები აღნიშნული ქუჩისათვის, ცნობილი ამერიკელი პოეტისა და ჰუმანისტის, უოლტ უითმენის სახელს დარქმევას მოითხოვდნენ და აქციის მსვლელობისას უითმენის პოემებს კითხულობდნენ.
On July 24th, in the territory of South Ossetia, Temur Tskhovrebovi, famous Ossetian activist and the editor of the magazine “21e saukune” was attacked by some people. The assaulters physically insulted Tskhovrebov that caused some serious injuries.
To: The President of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, Mr. Mevlüt Çavusoglu The Secretary
General of the Council of Europe, Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights
Mr. Thomas Hammarberg The President of the European Commission Mr. José Manuel Barroso The President
of the European Parliament Mr. Jerzy Buzek 
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5 июля 2010

Глубоко Уважаемой Госпоже Хиллари Клинтон
Государственному Секретарю Соединенных Штатов Америки

Уважаемая Госпожа Секретарь

Мы приветствуем ваш визит в Армению как выражение продлжающевося интереса Соединенных Штатов Америки к нашей стране. Мы также воодушевляны вашими последними заявлениями в поддержку организаций гражданского общества в таких странах, как наша.
[28.06.2010] Statement
June 2010


An appeal from Azerbaijani and international human rights NGOs.
The human rights concerns listed below illustrate the systematic human rights violations inAzerbaijan. see futher

19 мая 2010                                                                            
Директору Бюро Демократических Институтов и Прав человека ОБСЕ
(БДИПЧ ОБСЕ) послу Янезу Ленарчичу

To: Ambassador Janez Lenarcic, Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
To: Thorbjorn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe (СoE)
To: Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights of CoE
To: Catherine Margaret Ashton,  High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union (EU), First-Vice-President of the European Commission
To: Heidi Hautala, Chairwoman Subcommittee on Human Rights of EP
On 3rd of May, the International Press Freedom Day, in the press centre of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), a roundtable was held on the theme “Is there need for State Regulation on the Internet in the 21st Century?”

                                                   May 3, 2010

On May 3rd, the international day of freedom of expression, the members of the South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders in Georgia – Human Rights Center, Article 42, Center for the Protection of Constitutional Rights and Multinational Georgia - express their deep concern over the fact that journalists represent one those groups of human rights defenders in Georgia, who most often face pressure and intimidation from the authorities.

STATEMENT                                                                          Apr 30, 2010

Released by Institute of Peace and Democracy
Election (presidential, parliamentarian) campaigns in Azerbaijan are permanently attended by severe political repressions.
The parliamentary election campaign has not started yet; however, the repressions are spinning up:

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